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Barth Haas June 2017 Hop Science Report
The Barth Report 2016/2017
Are you a hop aficionado? HPA is on the hunt for a new Sales Rep
Breeding Hops with Character
Barth Haas May 2017 Hop Science Report
Barth Haas April 2017 Hop Science Report
Barth Haas March 2017 Hop Science Report
Hop Products Australia Releases 2017 Crop Report
Barth Haas January 2017 Hop Science Report
The Green Hop Program is back for the 2017 harvest.
Talking Green Hops With Scott Overdorf
Barth Haas October / November 2016 Hop Science Report
Dave Edney joins the team
Barth Haas August 2016 Hop Science Report
The Barth Report 2015/2016
Understanding the contribution of hop to beer flavour – a search for the Holy Grail
Barth Haas June 2016 Hop Science Report
Barth-Haas 2016 Hop Market and Crop Development Report
Fancy a career in beer? HPA is on the hunt for a new Sales Rep
Hop Products Australia 2016 Crop Report
2016 Hop Harvest season farm update
Extreme weather expected to affect 2016 crop yields
What's been happening on-farm?
Ella and Topaz shine at the IV International Humulus Symposium
Owen Johnston talking 2015 Barth Report with Brews News
On Green Hops: Ben Kraus, Bridge Road Brewers
We’re growing production by 50% over the next three years.
Meet the Brewer: Mike Magee, Eight Degrees Brewing
Meet the Brewer: Will Tatchell, Van Diemen Brewing
Introducing Enigma™..
Hops with how much character? Quantifying the genetics
Meet the Brewer: Richard Adamson, Young Henrys
HPA and beer industry come together to support beyondblue: Man Therapy
A bit about beyondblue
Hop Topic: Don't be a pest!
Simply Hops Collaborates with Bridge Road Brewers
Topaz; another jewel in HPAs crown
Hop Topic: Gland Profiling
Meet The Brewer: John Allen, BrewDog
Specialty hops are taking over the world.
There’s Something About Ella…
Men with Character: Owen Johnston joins the HPA crew
Hop Correspondent: Dean Monshing
Hop Topic: Dry Hopping
Meet the Brewer: Russ Gosling, Little Creatures Brewing
Meet the Brewer: Ben Kraus, Bridge Road Brewers
Want to work with HPA?
Meet the Brewer: Brad Rogers, Stone & Wood
CBIA Australian Craft Beer Conference
Hop Products Australia 2013 Crop Report
HPA in The Australian


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