Barth Haas June 2016 Hop Science Report

Jul 14, 2016
With each Hop Science newsletter from Dr. Christina Schoenberger of the Barth Haas Group, we get an insight into the latest science, innovations and discoveries from research conducted across the globe. In this issue there are four summaries presented with links to the articles.

In the latest instalment, Dr. Schoenberger looks at the new purified ‘Type 90’ pellet. A process that produces a purified and can potentially offer various advantages including a reduction in the amount of beer lost.

The next topic covered focuses on spice, and the exact compounds that make a hoppy beer spicy. Researches have claimed a breakthrough, having recently reported that sesquiterpene oxidation products have proven to play a key role in producing the spice profile.

Dr. Schoenberger then touched on what the influence of temperature during dry hopping is, and how do we find it? A German research team have developed a comprehensive trial with the Cascade hop to answer that very question.

Lastly, another study from a German research team have looked at the study of extracting hop aroma into beer. The study is based on the theory that hops do not necessarily need to touch beer for dry hopping purposes, this can be done by applying a combined desorption/absorption process using two different methods.

See below the June 2016 Hop Science report for more information and links.

Barth Haas June 2016 Hop Science Report PDF


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