2020 Green
Hop Program

Good news! It’s that time of year again. Harvest is approaching and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to clear your brewing schedule, because it won’t be long until our green hops begin arriving at breweries around Australia.

Green hops have the uncanny ability to scare and excite brewers in equal measure. They’re harvested as whole, wet cones and shipped via express overnight service for immediate brewing. Because the bracts begin to wilt as soon as the cone is harvested, some green hops might not look as ‘green’ as you might expect when they arrive. But their outward appearance can be deceptive, the acids and oils contained within remain unspoiled. This means they’re able to impart different flavours and aromas that have a vibrance you can only achieve with green hops.

Our customers use green hops in late kettle additions, dry hopping or post-fermentation. Some choose to add them loose, while other use mesh bags or their own custom dosing systems. The recommended green hop to dry hop ratio varies from 3:1 to 6:1 depending on brewer preference.

If you’re new to brewing with green hops, your local Sales Rep will be able to provide the guidance you need.

What’s for sure is our green hops offer the opportunity to experiment with something a bit different and to experience the seasonal side of brewing.

In 2020, we have Cascade, Enigma, Galaxy and Ella fresh off the bine for your green hopping pleasure.

Click here to submit your Green Hop order before Friday 31 January 2020.