Green Hops

The Green Hop Program is back for the 2019 harvest

The countdown is on, and it won’t be long until green, straight off the bine hops will be hitting breweries around the country*.

What are we talking about? Only picked once a year, this March is our chance to close the gap between paddock and pint with the freshest hops possible.

This year we’ll have Cascade, Ella™, Enigma™ and Galaxy™ available for your green hopping pleasure.

Orders will close Thursday 31 January, 2019. Click here to submit your Green Hop order.

Follow our green hops online using #hopharvest.


Important Notes:

*If you know you are in a regional or rural area, please consider the impact on logistics and cost before committing to your order.

*Unfortunately, we can only supply business to business, as we don’t have capacity to sell direct to public. Our green hops are only available domestically as we can’t ship overseas.