Different conditions will produce different flavours, this is a rough guide showing some likely (but not guaranteed) characteristics of our hop varieties.


The Hop Flavour Spectrum has been created through years of research, experimentation and conversations with brewers, and by tasting a few beers along the way.

It’s what we believe, and we want to build the spectrum with what you think too.

Our hop varieties are divided among four flavour profiles: fruit, floral, spice and resin. These allows brewers to compare varieties and get an understanding of how each hop may impact the flavour of beer.

It’s not an exact science. This Hop Flavour Spectrum is not based on data generated from a comparative tasting of experimental beers, nor is it based on analytical and technical descriptions, the hops chemical profile or growing conditions.

It comes from our experience. In our view we have found chemical analysis alone provides limited understanding or direction of how the hop will impact beer flavour. How and when hops are used in the brewing process ultimately impacts on the dominant flavour profile.

The Hop Flavour Spectrum serves as a guide based on what we know now, but as brewers experiment with our varieties and create new, different beers, we’re expecting to learn a lot more.


How to use the spectrum

Within the Flavour Spectrum, each hop gravitates towards one, sometimes two flavour sectors, suggesting what flavours will manifest in a beer.

For example, Galaxy™’s foremost character is of fruit, so she sits in the fruit quadrant. To understand the full flavouring potential of Galaxy™, including her secondary characteristics, you can click through to the product sheet.

By hovering over the hop icons, you will learn more about each variety and to find out more information about a hop from the flavour spectrum – click on the icon within the chart.


Let us know what you think

Many years of effort, hard work and experimentation has helped make the Hop Flavour Spectrum a valuable resource for brewers.

It’s a tool we’re proud of and one we trust will help brewers select hops to craft distinct flavours or aromas in their beers.

That said it’s always evolving. Tell us about your experiments and let us know how the hops behave in your brews by getting in touch with the team.