Hop Products Australia Releases 2017 Crop Report

May 9, 2017
Upon finalising the result from the March harvest, we’re happy to present the Hop Products Australian 2017 Crop Report

Harvest 2017 on HPA farms delivered a 43% year over year increase in yield of hops, however the result still fell short of expectations. Yields of individual varieties varied widely with Enigma™ coming in 19% over budget in Tasmania, whilst Galaxy™ came in 25% under expectation in Victoria.

For crop 2017, the area harvested was 521 hectares, an increase of 88 hectares from crop 2016. The total yield was 1,188,901 kgs, up from 830,006 kgs in 2016.

Most of this increase was from the harvest of newly established plantings of Galaxy™, Vic Secret™ and Enigma™.

See the Hop Products Australia 2017 Crop Report below for full details.

Hop Products Australia 2017 Crop Report PDF


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