At HPA, we’re an inquisitive lot. We’re constantly asking questions and wondering “what if”. It’s something we pride ourselves on and has been part of the HPA culture for more than 60 years.

As a result we have a long-term commitment to research and development, with a constant focus on innovating and evolving our products for new and seasoned brewers across the globe. As we know – the ones that push the limits, discover!

We can, at times, be fairly scientific about this research and what it brings to the brewing process. Science is the backbone of what we do, and helps make life easier for those who use our hops.

But importantly, we also pride ourselves on bringing an Australian approach to traditional hop growing. We’re not just hop farmers, we’re brewers and we’re beer drinkers. While we love it when a brew is ‘perfect’, we are just as passionate about capturing the beautiful, random results of nature and replicating those results over time.