There’s a lot going on behind the scenes to make sure our hops are of the highest quality.

Pest Management

We’re pretty lucky in Australia to be able to avoid a lot of the diseases hop growers in other parts of the world contend with.

Over the years, we’ve managed to reduce our reliance on chemicals. For example, we now have natural predators in our fields, like Coccinellid ladybird beetles, that keep the two-spotted mite and other pests at bay.


We produce some of the highest yielding hop crops in the world, and our clever use of water plays a big part in our success. We’ve introduced technology that allows us to monitor the soil moisture level in our crops, resulting in a more efficient and effective use of water across our hop farms.

Quality Management

We’re obsessive about consistently supplying our customers with high quality, safe products. That’s why we’ve signed up to internationally recognised quality management and food safety programs like ISO 9001:2008 for all of our products and facilities.

Food Safety

HACCP is an internationally recognised management system used to prevent food related safety problems. The driving philosophy of HACCP is to proactively address safety issues throughout the production process, not just during end-product testing.

We’ve implemented HACCP standards throughout all of our facilities. To see our HACCP and Kosher certifications click on the links below.

Sustainable and Ethical

HPA are currently working towards aligning our business processes with the rest of Barth-Haas Group in compliance with GRI responsible and ethical business standards.

BPE HACCP RHG HACCP HPA Kohser certificate