Tim Lord: Managing Director

Armed with a background in agriculture, brewing and business management coupled with a B.Sc with majors in Microbiology and Botany, Tim Lord runs the show here at HPA.

He grew up on a family dairy farm among the clean air and rolling hills of the Tassie wilderness, and Tim feels quite at home in agriculture. Tim first saw the light on a visit to a hop farm during university, which, like most, was prompted by his love of beer.

The open and collaborative culture in the beer industry suits Tim, who likes nothing better than talking hops and working with brewers to bring the best beer to the table. He’s the man to thank for ensuring our proprietary hop varieties are enjoyed by people around the world.

When Tim’s not running a tight ship at HQ he can be found on his boat on the east coast of Tasmania, fishing and enjoying a beer; favourites like the Little Creatures Pale Ale, Cascade Export Stout and Coopers Sparkling Ale make regular appearances, but he won’t say no to tasting new beer made with our hop varieties.

Simon Whittock: Hop Breeder

As a kid, Simon wanted to be a palaeontologist. Luckily for us, but unfortunately for dinosaurs, he eventually chose beer – or more specifically the development of world-class hops – as the outlet for his inquisitive, scientific mind.

Simon’s academic resume reads like a phone book. He studied marine science, specialising in genetics and biochemistry and, later phylogenetics, before tackling a PhD in plant genetics, including the fields of quantitative genetics and breeding objectives. (Yep, really!)

Simon began his relationship with HPA as a postdoctoral researcher at UTAS, supporting our breeding program. The love affair moved pretty quickly, and he soon signed up to become our chief hop breeder.

Simon is fixated on understanding what goes into breeding a great hop, and he’s constantly running tests and analytics to hone our research program.

We may now never know why dinosaurs were wiped from the earth, but at least we’ll be able to drink great beer while we ponder.

Peter Hamilton: Processing and Quality Manager

Peter has hopped around Australia with HPA for the last 24 years.

After completing a B.Sc of Agricultural Science at the University of Adelaide, Peter fell down the hop hole, cutting his teeth in the technical office at our Victorian hop research farm, before making a sea change to Tassie managing the Scottsdale farm.

Now based at our head office in Hobart, Peter oversees quality control, shipping and cold storage, safety and food safety. This involves liaising with the farm mangers and independent growers, pelleting and flower pressing, cold storage, inventory control, trucking, shipping to putting our hops in the customers hands. In simple terms, we call him the Processing and Quality Manager.

20 years may seem like a long time to some, but not for Peter who loves the social and friendly nature of our industry; from the people to the wonderful hop aromas. Whether you come across Peter with his HPA hat on or in the Tassie wilderness, stop and say hi – just make sure you’ve got some craft beer on hand (White Rabbit Dark Ale will get you extra points).