Introducing Enigma™..

Jul 2, 2014
..the newest member of our HPA flavour hop family.

Our records show she’s a descendant of the Swiss Tettnang hop but true to her name, she grows like a North American hop and throws a range of flavours far removed from her purported heritage.

Straight from our in-house breeding program the cheeky and enchanting Enigma™ has been winning over those lucky enough to brew with her.

This is what Lachlan Macbean owner of Grainfed Brewing had to say;

“When Enigma™ was sent to me I thought it would be perfect in a solid, hop driven all Australian pale ale, called ‘Another One?’ It has beautiful tropical fruit aromas, as well as mango/pine notes and a good depth of flavour with solid oil content. Four Australian malts and one hop variety, Enigma™ are used in the beer for the desired effect – hop character. I have a new hoppy friend called Enigma™.”

To celebrate her arrival we’ve updated our family portrait aka the Hop Flavour Spectrum. Thanks to her fruit flavour dominance, Engima™ has been plotted on the fruit axis but don’t be fooled – she’s very different from her neigbours on the spectrum.

Giving out a range of characteristics in the brew house, from Pinot Gris through to rockmelon, Enigma™ can comfortably be the leading lady or take a back seat to her older sisters.

Dry hop or add her late in the brew to maximise her flavour and aroma potential.

A birthday of sorts, we’ve dubbed July ‘Enigma™ Month’ – look out for all the info on our youngest coming up on our social channels and the blog.

She’s only available in a limited quantity of 5kg packs for 2014 but we’ll have a generous crop ready and waiting for you after harvest in 2015. If you’re keen to talk samples or orders get in touch with Owen.

If you simply want to know more check out her full product sheet here.


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