Owen Johnston talking 2015 Barth Report with Brews News

Aug 31, 2015
Following the release of this year’s Barth Report, Owen Johnston spoke to Matt and Pete from Brews News about all things hops related.

he Barth Report has been published annually with few exceptions since 1877.

The world has changed significantly since then, but the timely and objective reporting on events in the hop market following each crop year, remains constant.

Following the release of this year’s report, Owen Johnston spoke to Matt Kirkegaard and Pete Mitcham from Brews News, discussing international hop trends and what to expect in the not-so-distant future.

The Barth Report is produced by the Barth-Haas Group of which Hop Products Australia is a proud member.

A snapshot of Australia? As a result of increase in acreage, the average hop-growing area per farm rose from 51 ha in crop year 2014 to 61 ha in crop year 2015.

Listen to Owens interview here.

Or download the full 2014/2015 Barth Haas Report here.

More on the Barth-Haas Group

Founded in 1794 by Joh Barth, the Barth-Haas Group is the oldest and largest hop company in the world, with more than 200 years of hop experience. It’s no surprise our group covers every aspect of hops: growing, harvesting, processing, marketing, distribution and sales.

The Barth-Hass Group is represented in all major hop growing areas across the globe and provides service to large and small brewing customers in hop production, hop processing, storage and logistics, research & development in agronomy, processing, brewing applications, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

Put simply, being a member of the Barth-Haas Group means that HPA is part of a global family of like-minded, hop-obsessed perfectionists. It means we have access to the latest research, techniques and ideas from across the globe and have the know-how to apply them.


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