Advanced Products
Advanced Products

The range of products available for kettle and fermenter applications includes CO2 extract, Isomerised Kettle Extract (IKE) and resin inriched hop pellets (T45).

Post fermentation, the range expands to include functional bittering products such as Isohop, Tetrahop, Redihop and Hexahop.

If it’s a specific hop character that you’re after then HPA also offers the full range of varietal Hop Oils, Pure Hop Aromas (PHA’s) and hop derived antifoam that are produced by our sister company, Botanix in the UK.

Generic hop character products include spicy, floral, citrus and herbal fractions, as well as a wide range of PHA products produced from classic hop varieties, more recently including the Topnote range which deliver hop variety specific dry hopped character with post fermentation addition.

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