Simply Hops Collaborates with Bridge Road Brewers

Jan 20, 2014
By now you’ll be pretty familiar with our Galaxy® hop as well as the high regard we have for our mate Ben Kraus from Bridge Road Brewers. So when we heard he was brewing a collaboration beer with De Struise Brewers (Belgium), we were excited to see (and taste) what they’d come up with.

This is the first year that Ben has shipped off to Belgium to see the De Struise team. In August 2013, our sister company in the UK, Simply Hops, sent a huge pack of Galaxy® to them, which, after a bit of experimentation, would end up in the Struise Imperialist.

After modifying their brewing installation, Struise’s new set up made cooling down the fermenters and bright tanks possible. The team then opted for a bottom fermented Pilsner, which is quite a departure from their traditional methods.

This exciting collaboration has come out as ‘The Imperialist’, an 8% ABV imperial pilsner single hopped with tons of Galaxy® and yeast procured at Weihenstephan.

If you’re lucky enough to get a taste of this beer fresh on tap from De Struise Brewery, tell us what you think! But if you just want to imagine the taste figuratively from afar, check out the recent reviews on


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