Sorachi Ace
Sorachi Ace was developed in 1984 for Sapporo Breweries Ltd. from a cross of Brewer’s Gold, Saaz, and male Beikei No. 2. The name “Sorachi” is derived from a sub-prefecture of Hokkaido, Japan. This variety has a good yield, good resistance to mildew, wilt and botrytis. It has a rather high α-acid and oil content. The variety is currently grown in limited quantities in the U.S.

Flavour profile

Citrus, lychee, lemongrass


Brewers Gold, Saaz, male Beikei

Recommended beer styles

Analytical data

Cultivation Area



Brewers Gold, Saaz, male Beikei

Alpha Acids (%)

12.0 – 16.0%

Beta Acids (%)

6.0 – 7.0 %

Alpha/Beta Ratio

Cuhomulone (% of alpha acids)


Total Oils (ml/100g)

2.0 – 3.0ml/100g

Oil Concentration (microlitres of oil/g alpha)

Myrcene (% of whole oil)

Linalool (% of whole oil)

Caryophyllene (% of whole oil)

Farnesene (% of whole oil)

Humulene (% of whole oil)

Selinene (% of whole oil)

Humulene/Caryophllene Ratio