BarthHaas April 2019 Hop Science Report

The latest instalment of the Hop Science newsletter has arrived from Dr. Christina Schoenberger of the Barth-Haas Group. With each, we gain an insight into the latest science, innovations and discoveries from research conducted worldwide. See the April 2019 report summary below.

What’s the most effective way of hunting thiols? After applying three different methods of detection, and collating a database of more than 100 newly synthesized sulphur compounds and a total of 300 compounds, these German Researchers learned the most sensitive detector was…their noses.

We’ve always known hops and yeast are good partners, but a group of Dutch Researchers have taken the relationship even further. Looking for a way to increase the production of prenylated flavonoids in different plants (such as hops), without the usual expensive extraction and enrichment processes, the group successfully used yeast to increase the components production.

Are hops affected by terroir? In trying to help brewers find a more consistent aroma and flavour profile in their hops, Belgian researchers illustrate how SNP markers can be used to trace varietal origin, but supplementary biochemical characterisation is still crucial when seeking aromatic consistency.

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