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Our leadership team

Our leadership team is building a culture where all employees feel heard, valued, and capable of doing their best work when creating high impact flavours to excite brewers. 

They embody our values of teamwork, respect, safety, pride, integrity, and innovation that ensure we can grow, adapt and evolve in the pursuit of a sustainable future of high-quality beer.

Tim Lord, Managing Director
Chris Price, Chief Financial Officer
Hans Dreyer, General Manager of Operations
Kate Taylor, Head of People & Culture
Nic Danger, Chief Information Office
Owen Johnston, Head of Sales & Marketing
Simon Whittock, Head of Agronomic Services

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Our awesome team

Board of Directors

Tim Lord
Alex Barth
Derek Stott
Jane Bennett
Max von Finck
Simon Holloway
Stephan Barth

VIC Farm Operations

Hans Dreyer, GM of Operations
Aaron Bailey, Farm Manager
Lewis Tuckwell, Assistant Farm Manager
Shawn Barton, Assistant Farm Manager
Jess Monshing, Farm Office Manager
Sarah Weimer, Farm Office Assistant
Vanessa Twaits, Farm Office Assistant
Rebecca Tod-Aitken, WHS Advisor


TAS Farm Operations

Tom Parry, Farm Manager
Mitch Crosswell, Assistant Farm Manager
Kristy Lusted, Farm Office Manager
Selina Daley, Farm Office Assistant
Andrew McCormack, WHS Advisor

Agronomic Services

Simon Whittock, Head of Agronomic Services
George Webster, Lab & Sustainability Manager
Ben Malcolm, Agronomy Specialist

Sales & Marketing

Owen Johnston, Head of Sales & Marketing
Chris Swersey, International Business Development Manager
Michael Capaldo, National Sales Manager
Adrian Ianculovici, TAS & NZ Sales Rep
Brad Nolen, WA, SA & NT Sales Rep
Phil Rutjens, VIC Sales Rep
Simeon Bonetti, QLD Sales Rep
Grace Irwin, Marketing Manager
Elise Griggs, Brand Activation Specialist
Jamie Morrow, Digital Marketing Specialist
Melinda Warren, Marketing Coordinator

Supply Chain

Jeremy Nightingale, Supply Chain Manager
Anita Clay, Supply Chain Coordinator
Bec Morrison, Supply Chain Coordinator
Donna Reardon, Supply Chain Coordinator
Tamara Saavedra, Supply Chain Coordinator


Chris Price, Chief Financial Officer
Corey Docking, Financial Controller
Karin Baddiley, Finance Coordinator
Jerry Zhu, Accountant
Mel Rollins, Accounts Officer


Katie Crane, Quality & Compliance Manager
Peter Hamilton, Processing & Quality Manager

Human Resources

Kate Taylor, Head of People & Culture
Nick Leitch, HR Manager

Information Technology

Nic Danger, Chief Information Officer
Matt Morrison, Digital Infrastructure Specialist
Maikel Novaczinski, IT Systems Administrator