Biosecurity plays a critical role in the Aussie hop industry. It keeps our hops free from the world’s most damaging pests and diseases.

Managing biosecurity is the shared responsibility of our staff and every visitor to our farms, as people can unintentionally carry pests, diseases and weeds without even realising.

To limit the risk of these threats to our hops, we ask our visitors to:

  • Ensure vehicles, equipment and clothing are clean and free from pests and other plant material prior to their visit
  • Park in the designated areas
  • Sign the visitor register, clean and disinfect boots at the farm office immediately upon arrival

The biosecurity legislation of each Aussie state and territory enforces restrictions on the movement of certain items to protect their unique environments and valuable agricultural markets.

In Victoria, Rostrevor Hop Gardens and Buffalo River Valley are protected by legislation that is focussed on preventing any biosecurity emergencies that could affect Victoria and Australia.

In Tasmania, Bushy Park Estates is protected by the island’s natural barrier from mainland Australia and overseas, as well as some of the strictest biosecurity legislation in the world. This is enforced by biosecurity officers and detector dogs. In particular, fresh fruit and vegetables, cut flowers, plants, animal and fish products, seeds, soil and other agriculture related products are restricted or prohibited from entering the state. Pests, diseases and weeds may also travel unseen in mud, or lodged in the crevices of recreational machinery, vehicles and other gear. For this reason, it is important these items are checked, cleaned, disinfected and dried before entering Tasmania.

Fortunately for our international visitors, we are assisted by the Aussie Government who operate across the whole biosecurity continuum with offshore, border and onshore measures. They ensure all international travelers and their baggage are screened upon arrival in the country, using x-ray machines, detector dogs, physical inspection and questioning. To ensure you are prepared, check what to do:

Before you travel

When you arrive

You should also check what goods you can bring into Australia each time you travel as import conditions can change. For border clearance do not carry any fresh fruit or vegetables, plants, seeds, meat, animal or wood products, and ensure that your footwear, sporting and recreational equipment is dry and soil free. ​​

Biosecurity is everybody’s business. Help keep our hops disease free, so you can continue making great tasting beer.