Australia & New Zealand Sales Representatives

We have a number of experienced Sales Reps located around the country. They love beer and they love visiting your breweries because it gives them a better understanding of your goals and how we can help you reach them.

Michael Capaldo

National Sales Manager, NSW & ACT Sales Rep

Michael is on a mission to provide better service, support and technical advice to brewers. The former Head Brewer at Sydney Brewery and Lovedale Brewery has a Graduate Diploma of Brewing from Edith Cowan University. This qualification helped him lead Lovedale Brewery to trophies at the AIBAs and Royal Sydney Show in its first year of operation. Michael has also been on the technical committee for the Indies for the past four years, and regularly judges the AIBAs, Royal Sydney Show and World Beer Cup.

Adrian Ianculovici

TAS & NZ Sales Rep

Adrian has a refreshing understanding and support for the passion and pride that goes into each and every beer. He has 4 years’ experience in the craft beer industry. In his previous stint at Shambles, Adrian’s role evolved to include brewing, packaging, sales and deliveries – so he knows a bit about everything, including sustainable solutions to modern brewing challenges.

Brad Nolen

WA, SA & NT Sales Rep

Brad is all about connecting with brewers and slowly but surely converting them to our range of Aussie, international and advanced hop products through exceptional service. He has 15 years experience in the craft beer industry, from Head Brewer at Mash Brewing and Pikes Beer Company to Senior Brewer at Gage Roads and Mildura Brewery. Brad has experience in quality management, recipe design, product forecasting and maintaining industry relationships.

Phil Rutjens

Phil loves the creative side of brewing, and is always eager to get new hops into the hands of brewers. He has more than 15 years experience in the craft beer industry, from Brewery Operations Manager at Urban Alley Brewery to Brewery Manager at Southern Bay Brewery. Phil has experience in optimising the brewing and packaging process, coordinating and forecasting stock requirements, and maintaining internal and external industry relationships.

Simeon Bonetti

Sim loves to keep brewers on the hook by continuously wetting their appetite with our growing range of Aussie, international and advanced hop products. He has more than 10 years experience in the craft beer industry. During his time as Head Brewer at Newstead Brewing Co. and Head Brewer at Brisbane Brewing Co. he developed a keen interest in agriculture that has led to an in-depth understanding of hops and hop products.

You can also send orders or enquiries to

International Distribution Partners

Our hops are cold shipped to our international distribution partners who work exclusively with BarthHaas hops and advanced hop products. They guarantee the same quality standards as our direct sales with the added benefit of doing business in your local language and currency.

Chris Swersey

International Business Development Manager

Chris has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to beer and brewing. With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, he has explored the diverse world of hops in all product formats, won awards at the WBC and GABF, served as Supply Chain Specialist and Technical Brewing Projects Manager for the US Brewers Association, and judged the WBC, GABF, Brussels Beer Challenge, Euro Beer Star, South Beer Cup, the Indies, and the AIBAs. Some would say he’s well versed in raw material and beer sensory.

You can also send orders or enquiries to

HAAS | +1 202 777 4800 | |


And their authorised distribution partner: 

Yakima Valley Hops | +1 208 649 4677 |

LNF Latino Americana | +5554 2521 3124 | |

Hops Connect Western Canada | +604 358 4677 | |

Hops Connect Eastern Canada | +905 975 4677 | |

BarthHaas Germany | +49 (911) 5489-0 | |


And their authorised distribution partners: 

BarthHaas UK | +44 1892 8334 15 | |

BarthHaasX | +44 1892 8334 15 | |

Hoang Minh Trading Services | +848 3 50 32 99 | |


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Media Kit

Here’s a collection of resources to help you celebrate the Aussie hops that feature in your beer. We also encourage breweries to have a bit of fun with our brands too. Click here if you’re interested in incorporating any of our logos, graphics, photos and videos into your can art and promotional campaigns.

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