Australian Sales Representatives

We have a number of experienced Sales Reps located around the country. They love beer and they love visiting your breweries because it gives them a better understanding of your goals and how we can help you reach them.

You can also send orders or enquiries to sales@hops.com.au

International Distribution Partners

Our hops are cold shipped to our international distribution partners who work exclusively with BarthHaas hops and advanced hop products. They guarantee the same quality standards as our direct sales with the added benefit of doing business in your local language and currency.


Hop Products Australia
+61 3 6282 2000

Europe & Africa


Hops Connect Western Canada Logistics Hub
+604 358 4677

Hops Connect Eastern Canada Logistics Hub
+905 975 4677




Bronson and Jacobs International Co.
+66 2 337 1537


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Media Kit

We’ve put together a collection of things so you can help promote our Aussie hops around the world.

Please email grace.irwin@hops.com.au if you require higher resolution working files.

A brief introduction to HPA, our farms, and our hops.

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