BarthHaas March 2021 Hop Science Report

The latest instalment of the Hop Science newsletter has arrived from Dr. Christina Schoenberger of BarthHaas. With each, we gain an insight into the latest science, innovations and discoveries from research conducted worldwide. See the March 2021 report summary below.

An international research group screened the monoterpene diglycosides in five different cultivars picked at different times from different locations over the course of harvest. They found that hop variety accounted for the biggest variation among the concentration of pentose-hexose monoterpene alcohol glycosides as well as other volatile and non-volatile chemical factors. This indicates that genetics plays a major role in hop flavour production. Hop cone maturity at time of harvest is the next most significant factor for driving hop flavour in beer.

Alcohol-free beer is considered a good alternative to water or soda, but not necessarily for beer. This is because mouthfeel and flavour are often missing. Trials showed that dry hopping can compensate for both of these through high transfer rates of quantified hop-derived flavour compounds and inducing the formation of ethyls estershop-derived monocarboxylic acids.

Traditionally, isomerisation takes place during boiling. A German research team investigated further possible hop additions in the brewing process for isomerisation and increasing hop yield in the brewhouse. They explored the adaptation of temperature management at mashing-off as well as a pre-isomerisation and parallel hop system. It is not yet known what effect the non-degraded starch has on the final product as the enzymes are inactivated at a mashing-off temperature of 95°C instead of 78°C. 

Upcoming events:

Hop Flavourist: Level 1

Webinar, 20 – 21 April 2021

The connoisseur – understanding the sensory language of hops.

Hop Flavourist: Level 2

Webinar, 4 – 5 May 2021

The sommelier – get to know old country hops and current trends in cultivation.

Hop Selection

Webinar, 11 May 2021

Learn how to professionally assess hops and hop aromas.

Campus Art: Brewing with BarthHaas

Webinar, 27 May 2021

Exclusive insights and innovative beer recipes straight from the concept brewery.

Whirlpool Hopping Bootcamp: Part 1

Webinar, 10 June 2021

Look over the shoulder of brewing experts and learn about the technological objectives of whirlpool hopping and the role of hop aroma and hop products.

Whirlpool Hopping Bootcamp: Part 2

Webinar, 17 June 2021

Discover the equipment that is commercially available for whirlpool hopping.

Whirlpool Hopping Bootcamp: Part 3

Webinar, 24 June 2021

Understand why it is necessary to support dry hopping with whirlpool hopping.

Hop Flavourist: Level 3

Webinar, 19 – 20 October 2021

The sniffer – discover how hop aromas change throughout the brewing process and how to identify different hop varieties in beer. 

Hop Flavourist: Level 4

Webinar, 23 – 24 November 2021

The clairvoyant – explore how growing areas impact hop aroma and flavour.

Hop Flavourist: Level 5

Webinar, 25 – 26 January 2022

The master – tools for creating innovative flavours in beer with hops and hop products.

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