Young Henrys Stayer

375ml | 3.5%

A mid-strength hoppy lager featuring Eclipse®. It’s a gentle beer with a soft fruit aroma, bright golden body and slightly bitter finish for people who care about having a good time whilst ensuring their good time doesn’t ruin the good time of others. Drink with good friends when thirsty.

Gage Roads Single Fin

375ml | 4.2%

A summer ale featuring Enigma®. It’s the perfect summer beer with stacks of passionfruit and pineapple. This full-flavoured and balanced brew combined great flavour and sessionability. Best enjoyed with some sun on your back.

Mountain Goat Very Enjoyable Beer

375ml | 4.2%

A clean, balanced lager featuring Ella™. It’s an uncomplicated, anytime sort of beer with a mild malt sweetness and a crisp finish. Stand apart from the rest of the herd.

Furphy Refreshing Ale

375ml | 4.4%

A kolsch featuring Topaz™. It’s a clean and crisp, balanced beer with subtle fruit flavours and aromas and a pleasantly refreshing, dry finish. Brewed with 100% Victorian hops and malt.

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

375ml | 4.4%

A pacific ale featuring Galaxy®. This hazy, golden brew erupts with tropical fruit aromas and flavours. It’s perfect for picnics, beachside drinks and stacking in the esky.

3 Ravens Tropical Pale Ale

375ml | 4.2%

A new world pale ale featuring Vic Secret™. Crack open your beak and let this brew cuddle your guts with it’s pillow-like mouthfeel and tropical blanket of hops. It’s fresh, fruity and crushable.