Thank you! Your green hop order request has been submitted successfully. We’ll be in touch soon to confirm your order, estimated freight and delivery date.

In the meantime, please email any enquiries to sales@hops.com.au

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Terms and conditions:

  • We can only supply green hops to breweries in metropolitan areas of TAS, VIC, NSW and SA.
  • The minimum order fee is $250 (excluding freight and GST), with all orders 10kg and over charged at $25/kg (excluding freight and GST). HPA will contact breweries prior to harvest to provide an estimate for freight. Breweries will be required to accept the freight prior to order confirmation.
  • The minimum weight for green hop orders is a 5kg carton. Each carton is 610mml x 350mmw x 404mmh.
  • All green hop orders will be shipped via express overnight service. However, we cannot guarantee next day delivery. By submitting a green hop order, you are accepting this risk. Credit notes will not be issued unless your order is delivered more than 3 days after the estimated delivery date.
  • Once green hop orders have been collected by the freight service, HPA will provide a tracking number so breweries can structure their schedule accordingly. HPA will not be responsible for following up with the freight service unless an order has not been received more than 3 days after the estimated delivery date.
  • Picking windows may be subject to change based on seasonal conditions. We will advise any changes as soon as possible.
  • The time sensitivity of the Program means our green hops are not subject to the same ISO 9001 quality management system testing and analyses as our other products.
  • Green hops should be used immediately upon arrival rather than stored due to risk of spoilage. However, if storage is necessary, we recommend freezing them to preserve their impact in beer.
  • We reserve the right to cancel our Green Hop Program if unforeseen circumstances cause any disruptions that could significantly impact quality standards.