HPA is expanding to meet brewer demand

We have planted the first 50 hectares at our new farm in Victoria’s Buffalo River Valley. This is just the beginning of a $35 million expansion project that aims to increase total hop production by 50% over a period of six years.

Approximately 300 new hectares will be planted, as well as the construction of a new harvest complex comprising two Daunhauer pickers and 12 kiln floors at completion.

The project is focused on increasing supply of our proprietary hop varieties, in particular Galaxy® and Eclipse®, to allow us to grow with our Australian and international brewers.

We will also be expanding their team to help ensure regular communication and manage future contracting. Sales and Marketing Manager, Owen Johnston, says “the new farm will increase hop supply surety, varietal diversity and flexibility to meet brewer demand”.

The first crop from the Buffalo Valley Farm will be harvested in 2020. To enquire about future contracting get in touch with your local sales representative or contact sales@hops.com.au.

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