Introducing SPECTRUM

Add an extra dimension to your beers with SPECTRUM, the next generation of liquid dry hopping that increases brewing yields and reduces tank turnover times while delivering maximum hop flavour.

SPECTRUM is like nothing you’ve experienced before. It’s flowable and fully soluble with consistently true-to-type hop flavour.




The only dry hopping product that is 100% dissolvable, leaving you with more beer and less cleaning.


True-to-type flavour compounds including glycosidically bound   fractions essential for biotransformation.

SPECTRUM is 100% hops in liquid form with no carriers or synthetic solvents.

SPECTRUM is the perfect solution for breweries that:

  • Would like to experiment with dry hopping.
  • Don’t have dry hopping equipment but would like to dry hop.
  • Have limited tank capacity and want shorter contact times.
  • Want to add large amounts of hops on the cold side.
  • Want full hop flavour, not just hop aroma.
  • Want consistent product quality.
  • Want to eliminate hop creep.

If it sounds too good to be true, don’t take our word for it. Some legends of the brewing industry have been involved in product trials:    

“SPECTRUM is the best hop product that I have ever used.”

Jason Oliver, Founding Brewmaster, Devils Backbone, US

“We have seen a lower and more consistent loss rate on the beers we have trialled SPECTRUM in, and are really impressed with the flavour profile it gives. We have taken it up to 50% of the dry hop in one of our beers and saw a much shorter tank time due to lower amount of hop creep and a smaller spike in VDK.”

Sophie de Ronde, Head Brewer, Burnt Mill Brewery, UK

“SPECTRUM helped us solve long standing production issues with our dry hopping processes. Much of our infrastructure struggles with processing extreme dry hop loads using traditional pellets, causing unacceptable beer loss and production down time. Spectrum allows us to continue to push the limits with our beer without sacrificing time and beer quality.”

Ross Koenigs, Brewing Innovations Specialist, New Belgium Brewing, US

We have a limited supply of SPECTRUM Citra® and SPECTRUM Mosaic® available now.

Get in touch with your HPA rep today to secure your supply:

International & TAS

Owen Johnston

0400 126 015

National, NSW & ACT

Michael Capaldo

0490 441 090


Brad Nolen

0417 397 364


Phil Rutjens

0421 944 849


Simeon Bonetti

0490 489 007

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