Named after the Kent grower that introduced it in 1875 and revered ever since as the classic aroma hop for British Bitters and Pale Ales, this robust hop contributes all the essential characteristics of flavour, aroma and balanced bitterness to ales. Fuggles is often used in combination with Goldings to improve “drinkability” of the beer and add roundness and fullness to the palate, it is sometimes used as a distinctive dry hop.

Flavour profile

Celery, green tea


Land variety

Recommended beer styles

Analytical data

Cultivation Area

Great Britain


Land variety

Alpha Acids (%)

3.0 – 5.6%

Beta Acids (%)

2 – 3 %

Alpha/Beta Ratio

Cuhomulone (% of alpha acids)

Total Oils (ml/100g)

0.7 – 1.4ml/100g

Oil Concentration (microlitres of oil/g alpha)

Myrcene (% of whole oil)

24 – 28 %

Linalool (% of whole oil)

0.5 – 0.7 %

Caryophyllene (% of whole oil)

Farnesene (% of whole oil)

Humulene (% of whole oil)

Selinene (% of whole oil)

Humulene/Caryophllene Ratio