HopHaze® is an all-natural, hop-derived product that’s added to beer after filtration and before the bright tank. It’s designed to create the exact level of haze you want, and remain stable for the entire shelf life of your beer. Plus, it’s flavour-neutral and will not impact the flavour or aroma of finished beer.



Complete control of haziness

HopHaze® can be added in small or larger doses to achieve the exact level of haze you want without affecting beer flavour or aroma.


Stable for entire shelf life

HopHaze® forms a stable haze that will last the entire shelf life of your beer, no periodic agitation needed.

Flavourless & odourless

HopHaze® is flavour neutral and will not impact the flavour or aroma of finished beer.

Less hop solids, more beer

HopHaze® contains less hop solids. This means less absorption and less waste.

No special dosing requirements

HopHaze® is a low viscosity liquid, and doses easily before the bright tank/pre-packaging.

Safe & natural solution

HopHaze® is a hop-derived, clean label product that is recognised as food safe.
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Introducing HopHaze®


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