FLEX® is the better way to bitter. It’s pure concentrated hops. There’s no vegetal matter, so there’s no wort loss. Plus, it’s easier to handle and dose, with fewer shipping and storage costs, and no disposal of spent hops or hop pellets.



Improved bitterness utilisation

FLEX® alpha acids are dosed in liquid form which typically improves bitterness utilisation by 10-20% compared to traditional T90 pellets.

Reduced shipping & storage costs

FLEX® contains approximately 65% alpha acids, resulting in a 75% reduction in product weight compared to traditional T90 pellets.


Clean & consistent taste

FLEX® delivers a clean, bright and consistent bitterness that brings out the best in any beer style.


Less hop solids, more beer

FLEX® is made with 100% hop lupulin. This means less wort loss and less hop solids to dispose of.


Flowable at ambient temperature

FLEX® is easy to measure and dose. There’s no need to pre-heat or use any special equipment.


No special dosing requirements

FLEX® is poured straight into the kettle at the beginning of the boil, assuming 25-35% bitterness utilisation of the final beer.

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Brewing with FLEX®


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