LUPOMAXTM enriched hop pellets are a natural hop product, concentrated in the resins and essential oils that give hops their distinctive character. They provide intense hop flavors and aromas combined with a decrease in vegetal and grassy attributes. LUPOMAXTM pellets are produced via the mechanical enrichment of lupulin under highly controlled conditions and low temperatures to protect the sensitive hop components. They can be introduced into the brewing process anywhere Type 90 (T90) hop pellets are employed, but best practice is addition late in the kettle boil, to the whirlpool, or preferably as a dry-hop addition during fermentation or maturation. LUPOMAXTM pellets are hand selected for quality each crop year, gently processed, and designed for maximum consistency. Supported by a long history of safe use in brewing, and in accordance with US FDA Regulations 21 CFR 170.30(c) and 170.3(f), LUPOMAXTM hop pellets are generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

Flavour profile

A consistent, concentrated lupulin pellet. Amarillo®, Ariana, Callista, Citra®, Ekuanot®, El Dorado®, Huell Melon, Mosaic® Saaz, and Sabro® available now.


Recommended beer styles

Analytical data

Cultivation Area



Alpha Acids (%)

Standardized to meet a predetermined and narrow specification range (variety dependent)

Beta Acids (%)

Variety dependent

Alpha/Beta Ratio

Variety dependent

Cuhomulone (% of alpha acids)

Total Oils (ml/100g)

Variety dependent

Oil Concentration (microlitres of oil/g alpha)

Myrcene (% of whole oil)

Linalool (% of whole oil)

Caryophyllene (% of whole oil)

Farnesene (% of whole oil)

Humulene (% of whole oil)

Selinene (% of whole oil)

Humulene/Caryophllene Ratio