Our stance on hop selections
HPA recognise the important role that hop selections play in the beer industry. We understand flavour profile can differ from season-to-season and lot-by-lot.
Interpreting hop certificates of analysis
Understanding hop analysis is key to producing beer of consistent quality.
Stop the import of damaging pests and diseases
They could cost hop growers millions in lost production, unacceptable brewing quality, control and containment programs.
Hop storage techniques that preserve impact in beer
Simple steps brewers can take to keep their hops fresh and their beers consistent.
Using hop analyses to optimise the brewing process
We analyse around 3,000 hop samples over harvest to help us meet customer expectations of consistent hop flavour outcomes year-on-year.
Biosecurity is everybody’s business
It keeps our Aussie hops free from the world’s most damaging pests and diseases.

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