Sydney Brewery crowned champion of the 2021 Royal Queensland Beer Awards
In 2021, The Royal Queensland Beer Awards invited top brewers from around Australia to compete for national recognition. Supported by a team of brewers, beer writers and industry figures, the competition has become a respected guide for beer drinkers.
Blasta Brewing continues their successful beer awards season
The West Australian (WA) beer scene has experienced a resurgence in recent years because of a few visionary brewers who responded remarkably well to growing consumer demand for more flavour, quality ingredients, and greater choice. Blasta Brewing is leading the pack after winning West Australian State Champion at the 2020 Indie Beer Awards.
Range Brewing win big at the 2020 Indie Beer Awards
The independent beer scene is booming right now, and Queensland brewers are producing some of the best beers in the country. From small producers brewing for their local community to large producers brewing for interstate and international markets, they represent some of the most innovative and highly awarded beers in Australia.
Now is the time to review your hop requirements
It’s been a rough year for our industry, with many breweries impacted by the unique challenges surrounding COVID-19. As the hop growers in the northern hemisphere enter the throes of hop harvest, the hop growers in the southern hemisphere are seeing their plants emerge from winter dormancy and starting to organise their stringing and training teams.
How to secure your future hop supply
The past five years represent an unprecedented time in the hop industry’s history with demand growing more quickly than growers can accommodate. But the fundamentals of the market have not changed just because everyone is drinking craft beer.
Stop the import of damaging pests and diseases that could devastate the Australian hop industry
The Australian hop industry is fortunate to be free from many damaging pests and diseases that affect hop production overseas. Protecting this enviable status should be an absolute priority since their import could cost growers millions in lost production, unacceptable brewing quality, control and containment programs.
Biosecurity is everybody’s business
Biosecurity plays a critical role in the Australian hop industry. It keeps our hops free from the world’s most damaging pests and diseases.

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