BarthHaas Global Sustainability Report 2020/2021
The BarthHaas group has come together to publish our first global sustainability report.
BarthHaas Sustainability Report 2020/2021
They are set to reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 30% by 2030.
BarthHaas Hop Report 2020/2021
Timely statistics on global hop and brewing industries, as well as insights into the latest agronomic and economic trends.
BarthHaas 2019/2020 Hop Report
Timely statistics on the global hop industry from the world’s largest supplier of hop products and services.
BarthHaas April 2019 Hop Science Report
The latest instalment of the Hop Science newsletter has arrived from Dr. Christina Schoenberger of the BarthHaas Group.
The BarthHaas Report 2016/2017
Timely statistics on global and regional hop agronomics, usage and trends in the hop and brewing markets.
Owen Johnston talking BarthHaas Hop Report with Brews News
Timely and objective reporting on trends in the hop industry since 1877.

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